Global Bryn Mawr

Global learning at Bryn Mawr is not new. It is baked into our history.

Our initial college requirements mandated knowledge of four languages to graduate. Our first few graduating classes included Umeko Tsuda, who founded Tsuda University in Japan, and Emily Green Balch, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for co-founding the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

Global learning at Bryn Mawr:

  • Threads through everything we do
  • Is seen as relevant and vital for all students
  • Crosses disciplinary boundaries
  • Occurs both within and beyond the classroom
  • Integrates scholarship and action
  • Understands that 21st century knowledge must come from global dialogue
  • Builds global connections that inform thinking and last a lifetime
  • Values a globally diverse student body as a source for mutual learning
Umeko Tsuda traveling to the U.S. as part of the Iwakura Mission,1871.

For international travel information and resources, and to learn more about the College's support for global initiatives, visit the Global Bryn Mawr Office homepage on Inside Bryn Mawr.

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